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Alzheimer's Research UK exists to make breakthroughs possible through:

  1. Funding and delivering pioneering research.
  2. Collaborating with governments, funders, industry and people affected by dementia to accelerate scientific progress.
  3. Confronting misconceptions across society through awareness campaigning.

 Our mission is to bring about the first life-changing dementia treatment by 2025.

 To achieve this mission, we focus our efforts on four key organisational goals:

  • Understand: Increasing knowledge and understanding of the diseases that cause dementia.
  • Diagnose: Improving diagnosis of dementia.
  • Reduce Risk: Reducing the risk of developing dementia.
  • Treat: Developing treatments, ensuring they get to patients and ultimately preventing dementia.

 Our values

  • Change-making
  • Pioneering
  • Relentless
  • Agile