English Heritage

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We protect an internationally-important collection of over 400 historic sites and half a million artefacts.  They span six millennia, from the ancient past to the present day, and bring the story of England to life in a unique way.  We inspire over 10 million people a year to value, visit and enjoy them.

By 2026, we’ll be a thriving, well-loved charity, renowned for the inspiring way we bring history to life, helping millions of people discover more about the story of England. We’ll have substantially improved the condition of our sites and artefacts and will continue to care expertly for them. We’ll have truly energised supporters and we’ll be backed by major partners.

We’ll be a better-understood organisation and will have proven our independent business model, securing the future of our unique sites for years to come. We’ll also be a great place to work – a place where we trust each other, take pride in what we do and have fun along the way.

Website: www.english-heritage.org.uk